Desktop 6-Port Shared Power Bank Rental Station With 10-Inch Advertising Screen

Metal shell material: metal shell design, durable, impact and wear resistance.

Safety: High quality PCB with good protection (with short circuit, overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent protection).

LCD advertising screen: equipped with 10 inch/ 1280*800px, can play remote ads.

Automatic cable management: The design of the automatic cable storage slot makes cable arrangement simple and fast, avoiding the problem of cable confusion.

Lightweight and durable Space saving: Compared to large cabinets, this 6-port small desktop shared cabinet is more lightweight and durable, saving space.

Multi-interface compatibility: The built-in micro USB and type-c data cable can meet the charging needs of a variety of mobile phone models.

High-quality battery: The same battery supplier as Huawei and iPhone to ensure stable and reliable charging.

Anti-theft: The Hall anti-theft detection system is added at both ends of the charging treasure to effectively prevent people from returning the charging treasure without authorization.

Explosion-proof damage: The use of electronic locks for strong reinforcement, to prevent human factors from violent damage, to avoid accidents such as explosions.

Dedicated card change window: Easily replace the card without removing the enclosure circuit.

Widely applicable scenarios: suitable for restaurants, bars, convenience stores, nightclubs and other high-traffic places to meet user charging needs.

With a simple and stylish design, this desktop 6-port shared charger is both space-saving and aesthetically pleasing when placed on your desktop. Meanwhile, it is equipped with an LCD advertisement screen, which supports remote playback of advertisements, making it convenient for you to promote your business. In addition, it utilizes STW’s most advanced anti-theft technology to effectively prevent returns and tampering, ensuring zero loss for your business. The shell is made of metal, which is very strong and durable and suitable for various occasions.

Brand name STW
Model number 8149
Country of origin China
Authentication CE/ RoHS/ FCC/ RCM/ KC/ CQC
Capacity 5000mAh * 6
Power 60W
Power cord length 1.2m
Input interface Micro USB, USB
Output interface Micro USB, Type-C, Apple interface, Wireless
Rated Voltage 110V-220V
Socket Standard For E.U., For UK, Universal
Accessory Adapter, SIM card
Temperature -10 ~ 45℃
Conversion rate 60%-80%
Cycle Life >500 times
Battery Core Polymer
Multiple security protection Over current, Over voltage, Over charge, Over discharge, Short circuit protection
Feature Desktop model, With or without LCD display
LCD screen 10.1 inch/ 1280*800px
Network Support 4G+WiFi remote advertising release system
Supporting equipment Smart phone
Payment method Scan code
Payment Apple Pay,Google Pay,PayPal,Visa,MasterCard,American Express
Usage scenario Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, and public places
Material Metal
Size 33*18*30cm
Net weight 5kg(with powerbank)
Package size 39*31*31cm
Packing weight 6kg (with powerbank)
Warranty 1 Year
Support customization Color, Logo, LCD display/Sign


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