STW Shared Power Bank Q&A

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Shared power banks are rental devices that provide temporary charging for mobile devices, making it easy for users to rent and return them at any time

Features:Featuring borrowing convenience, fast charging speed, easy return process, smart billing system, and multi-scenario applicability.

Speed:Provides 15W fast charging, suitable for all cell phones, 40-60 minutes to be fully charged

Support interface:micro-USB , USB-C, Apple devices

Scan Cabinet QR Code: Use your smartphone to scan the QR code displayed on the power bank rental cabinet.

Download APP: Download the brand’s official APP through the link provided by the QR code.

Create Account & Payment: Open the APP, register a new account, and set up your preferred payment method.

Rent with APP: Scan the cabinet’s QR code again using the APP to rent a power bank.


1.Pay attention to the location and number of nearby return points to avoid having no return points.

2.Check the status of the power bank to avoid renting a faulty power bank

  1. Return it to the designated station as instructed (you can also find nearby locations on the APP).
  2. Place the power bank back into an empty slot in the shared power bank cabinet.
  3. Confirm if the order has been closed.

Rental fees are billed by the hour, with customizable unit prices and capped rental amounts for the day

Is there any package or preferential policy?

Membership services, monthly packages, and other packages or incentives are available; check the User Center for details.

How to calculate the charge of overdue return?

If the user fails to return the power bank in time, a corresponding fine will be deducted from their bank card. Once the fine is deducted, the user will be allowed to keep the power bank.

STW technical support offers one-on-one remote service diagnosis, providing prompt responses to customers’ technical issues with professional assistance and solutions.

Encrypted transmission, data storage encryption, rights management and other measures to protect user information.

STW has established stable relationships with manyfamous brands at home and abroad, including ThermaltakeEnergizer, Mercedes-Benz, Antec, NZXT, DEXP, Chargelloand so on.

As one of the top 3 companies in the industry, STW is well accepted by our customers. We have worked with customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

How satisfied are users with STW shared power Bank?

Since its establishment, STW has actively responded to user needs, optimized and upgraded products, and continuously iterated, gaining good market feedback.

Super fast charging, AI intelligent recognition, higher quality


What is STW’s long-term vision for the shared power bank market?

Technological innovation, green environment, user experience first

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Mainstream Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, bank cards and also local payment methods can be interfaced. We have customized over 50+ payment integrations for our clients!

Software Requirements: Prepare a Google Developer account. Prepare an Apple Developer account. Set up a payee account for receiving payments. Hardware Requirements: Please provide specific parameters for the hardware. Include logo documentation for the hardware or related branding.

Samples can be purchased first, and we provide free test software at the sample stage. Normally within two weeks

Depending on the quantity of the order, generally before sets a bit, 45 days can be completed

We have professional engineers and sales team, provide instant online service.

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20 years of China’s top three shared power bank manufacturers,8 senior software developers with 10 years of experience, 100+ global customer projects, 50+ payment in-tegration, Contact us to share global success stories