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User APP

We specialize in customizing the share power bank app for over 80 clients worldwide, ensuring you retain 100% of the revenue from rentals made through Gpay, Apay, PayPal, and credit card (with OEM development of your local payment gateway)

1. System Management
System parameter configuration, battery level setting to release power bank, FAQ, T&C, Privacy Polity contents uploading and edit, networks’ type configuration, push notification configuration.

2.Charging Rules Configuration
Charging rules set and edit, VIP subscription configuration with weekly/monthly/annual subscription, Top up options configuraton, coupon configuration.

3.Device Management
Monitor charging station status in real-time, check power bank details in each charging station, edit advertising images/videos for each charging station, forced eject power banks, etc.

4.Power Bank Management
From which station and slot and by which user did this power bank be rented, and where was it returned? You can track the power bank.

5.Marketing Management
Create and manage new merchants and networks, set different revenue sharing proportions for each merchant and network, check and monitor revenues in realtime.

6.Customer Management
Check and monitor all app users, monitor all renting and returning records, corresponding payment orders management, abundant data and analysis reports help you gain insights into your business and develop your business better and better.

STW Provides a Customized Power Bank Rental App for Its Clients

Software Advantages

1. Four-fold encryption for payments to ensure the safety of your funds.

2. Full experience in APP software development for 80+ countries

3. Rich experience in payment integration with 50+ payment gateways

4. Customized Ul design, iOS & Android system, customize backend